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Nature Coast Soccer Club has adopted the FYSA’s policy on Sexual Harassment and Abuse Policy.

Sexual Harassment and Abuse Policy policy
PowerPoint on new legislation policy

To report Physical or Sexual Abuse Contact:

Citrus County Sheriff’s Office 1-352-726-4488 or (911)

Florida Abuse Hotline 1-800-962-2873

NCSC Club Risk Manager Contact Information Roscoe Dockham 1-352-794-1769

State Risk Managers – Becky McLaren and/or Dale Burke Becky McLaren – or Dale Burke – 863-268-8220

National Governing Body US Soccer Integrity Hotline Number – (312) 528- 7004

US Soccer or US Center for SafeSport

To report other forms of misconduct such as emotional abuse, bullying, hazing, or harassment:

NCSC Club Risk Manager:

Roscoe Dockham, Phone 1-352-794-1769

State Risk Managers:

Becky McLaren

Dale Burke

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