Help Wanted !!

The answer may seem to be obvious. The superior product will always come out on top.  The reality is the winner depends on who is actually in the race.

 The sleek Lamborghini has all the potential, but let’s suppose the owner never put in a drop of fuel. Now, what becomes of the race?

Nature Coast Soccer Club is much like the race depicted.  We are overflowing with potential, but we are suffering with a epic fuel shortage. WE NEED HELP!

As a member, you may attend Saturday matches and never notice what is involved in providing a quality opportunity for the youth in Citrus County.  NCSC is a non-profit organization that has a wide variety of needs and activities that go on behind the scene. These needs are filled by the volunteer Board of Directors and parent volunteers.  Five years ago the BOD had 17 members sharing the workload. Right now, there are about 5 people actively trying to be all things Nature Coast. As a result, as some have experienced,  we fall short of being the premier club that we should be and offering the programs that we could. It’s like the man on the small bike. We can make some progress, but it is a constant struggle to get to the finish line.  We will not change our goal of continuous improvement. You would make a significant difference in meeting that goal with just a few hours per month.

The question arises each year during registration as to why we have a volunteer fee holdback of $25 that is returned after 4 hours of service. Last year over 275 players registered – we only had to return 4 hold back fees. That is all the help we received. What becomes of the money? We are now having to use it to outsource, and pay, for services that we should be able to do in-house.

We often ask members to become involved or to join the BOD only to be met with a flurry of reason why they cannot. The reality is that Nature Coast Soccer Club will not continue to exist in the future if excuses cannot turn into willingness. We do not need soccer “experts”.  We need the widely varied talents of our membership.  Talents such as planning and organizing, communication, finance, record keeping, fund raising, grant writing, field managers, networking, inventory, design, web page maintenance, uniforms, pictures, and the very thing that you are best at. If you have the willingness, you can be of benefit to not only the present, but also the future of Nature Coast Soccer.

Please consider this honest plea for your involvement. Don’t let your club sit idle due to the lack of fuel. Help us to be all that we can be.

Please click the link below and let us know of your willingness and any area that you could be of service. If you have any questions please email us at .

I would like to help – Involvement Survey (please click to let us know you are willing)

Post expires at 12:29am on Thursday August 1st, 2019. The time that is listed is in UTC time, which is different from EST.