Log into Gotsport.com

your user name will be the email address you used to register your player. your password you can try 123 or select the forget password and enter a new one.

When you log in you will be on the account page.

You will see a task bar at the top.

Below that you will see another group of tab’s accounting, rules, etc.

The page you are on is the account / profile page, here you can upload a current of yourself (no hats or sunglasses).

Then go down the page and fill in all your information please. You may skip the graduation year question.

Also please feel free to change the password to your own choosing.

Please do not opt out of any email communications as this is how we will communicate with you.

When done click on the save button.


Now click on the Family button and it will show you all of your children you have registered to play.

When you click on your child’s name it will take you to their profile page.

Please make sure that all of the information is filled out correctly (legal name, etc.). you can also keep his or her pictures updated every year, remember no hats or sunglasses please.

Click the Save button when done.

Now go to the Emergency info tab and please fill in this important information and click the save button when done.

If you go to the Documents tab you can upload any important items like Birth Certificate or Medical release forms.

If you click on the Family tab again it will take you back to your profile page. From here you can follow the same steps if you have additional players registered or you can log out.

To log out and exit the program go to the top right of your page. Look for the little figure that looks like a half person, its beside the envelop. Click the half person scroll down to logout and click it.

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