Competitive Soccer

Nature Coast Competitive Season Games

Teams are selected after tryouts have concluded usually in early May.  At that point the coach will communicate practice schedules and the regular season game schedule when they have the information available.  Historically, high school aged competitive players start their regular season games in late August and younger players start games in Mid-Late October.  The exact number of games is set by FYSA depending on the number of teams in each regional division.  Half of the regular season games will be home and half away.

  • The expectation is that players will arrive for all scheduled games 1 hour prior to game time.
  • Players are not allowed to wear jewelry.
  • Players must have both their home and away uniform at ALL games. If uniform colors are too similar the referee can require a team to change before the start of the game.
  • Players must come to the field dressed in the team uniform, shin guards, and cleats. They will also need to bring water.  Shin guards must be touching the players skin and in cold weather the players jersey must be the top layer.
  • Players/Parents must notify the coach as soon as possible if their child is sick, injured, or unable to compete for any other reason.
  • Playing time is earned by participating in all training sessions. Attendance can affect the amount of playing time the player receives.



Each team will be registered in the FYSA Commissioners Cup or similar tournament.

Each team will individually decide if they are playing in additional tournaments.  Cost for these tournaments vary and may require fundraising, sponsorship, or additional costs to the families. 



The current cost of participating in the competitive program for Nature Coast is $450.  This cost will be due shortly after being selected for the program.  The payment can be made in full, or installments set by the current board of directors. 

If you have any challenges with making the payments, please contact the league re to discuss possible options available. 

The cost of the program will cover uniforms, which is intended to last for two years.  If you decide to order uniforms each season, you will have to pay that cost independently from the program cost.  The fee also currently includes registration for the Commissioners Cup (for U11-U17) or similar tournament for other age groups.


Player Commitment

The competitive program is designed to provide more advanced training and a higher level of competition. 

  • Players are expected to attend all training sessions
  • Players are responsible for listening to instruction and always giving best effort
  • Players need to be at practice prior to the start time and prepared for warmups
  • Competitive Season usually runs from August – May
  • Players need to maintain a positive attitude and be respectful to teammates, coaches, and referees.


Parent Commitment

We understand that there are situations in life that is out of your control.  Communication is key to allowing us to help.  If we don’t know there is an issue, we can’t help.  Once you make the commitment to participate in the competitive program, please understand other children and families are dependent on your commitment to the team.

Families are expected adhere to the following:

  • Let coaches’ coach
  • Respect the referees’ decisions
  • Be respectful to other team players and families
  • Make only positive comments from the sideline
  • Do not come onto the field for any reason during the game


Nature Coast Competitive Coaching Staff

Devin Wilkinson U10

Andrew Breese / Paul Lada U12

Tim McMahon U13 Girls

Jason Columbus U14

Nick Rowthorn U15

Steve Connor U19 Girls


General Rules and Regulations

U9 & U10 – 7 v 7 including a goalkeeper

U11 & U12 – 9 v 9 including a goalkeeper.

U13 and above – 11 v 11 including a goalkeeper

Rules & Bylaws – About | Florida (

Rules of the Game | US Youth Soccer